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The Forage Eco-System
Has Extended to:

Food Trucks + Vendors
Food Markets

Saving Time Is Useful, But Leverage It Effectively.
Establish Not Only Customers, But a Community.
Better Than Generating Revenue --
Increasing Your Profit Margins.

Food Vendors Rejoice!

Secret Sauce

Channel Integration

Consolidated social media channels and delivery platforms allow you to reach all your customers with ease. You are a chef, not a social media publicist pizza deliver. Focus your efforts and time on perfecting your delicious food.

Stream-lined Menus

Gone are the days of digital PDF's of menus and customers pinging you about today's meal rotation. Set your menu and we will notify your customers in real-time of menu updates.

Operational Logistics

uForage recognizes the importance of special events in food vendor operations. Our ordering platform will empower you to fulfill more catering orders, giving you more time to prepare those satisfying large orders.

Schedule Enhanced

Imagine a world where your hungry customers know where you setting up shop before you even tell them. uForage leverages proximity notifications, scheduling management, and a locational map to keep your customers privy of your movement.

To Our Hungry Users

Finding your favorite local food options should be simple, fast, and enjoyable.

That's why we developed uForage -- redefining the experience for the forager in you.


uForage began as a hungry college student's yearning to make $5 grilled chicken pita sandwiches from his favorite campus food truck available for everyone known to mankind. Aka Temple University's main campus. But as that hungry man began frequenting more food trucks, vendors, kiosques, got introduced to weekly markets, began attending pop up food kitchens and night markets, met with food entrepeneurs, and began working under top food chefs in Philadelphia --- a clear need and challenge was undertaken. In essence, a constant hungry person honed their skills and became a hungry forager drifting amongst communities and small businesses learning how to create the necessary infrastructre to support the food businesses who truly know how to feed hungry people from all walks of life. Thus uForage began. Are you in?

Abdus-Salaam Muwwakkil

Forager Sloth

Finds and eats food, and then makes his friends find and eat food.

Lloyd Emelle

Forager Guru

Finds and eats food, while coding.

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