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The act of telling the truth; and not telling a lie To not tell a lie (verb) you ain’t gotta tell me twice Y A G T M T Ya Gott Em ________________________________________________________ Netuella...

Bidding an empire

Its truly a matter of attracting the top talent. Unfortunately this expression is confused by its 2 most prominent words. Stakeholders: Leader Talent Leader endures, learns, collaborates Talent learns, impacts, attracts Leader needs talent...


uForage New Years 2016

Happy New Year from the uForage Community. 2015 was instrumental and 2016 is shaping up to scale in the logarithmic awesomeness. From your’s truly, Sloth & Foragers

Happy Mondays – February

It’s monday, alot of things on my mind: Had a turkey sausage and cheese plus egg on a long roll with some salt pepper and ketchup. $3.75 breakfast from your favorite in in-discriminant cart....